Health Cromed is a Greek manufacturing company activating in alternative pioneer health and beauty products. Founded in 2009 , the company is located in Athens, Greece.

We are able to produce a large range of health and beauty products worldwide. Health Cromed invests in permanent basis in research and development of innovative products. Our portfolio is constantly increasing with new and innovative products.

As a Producer we have our vast experience in the production of food supplements and cosmetics. We are the leading productive company of Liquid food supplements in Greece with research department and production site, certified with GMP, certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, certified. With all these supplies and our personal care, we produce products that do not need the name of the biggest brand or exhaustive marketing for promotion to convince you of their excellence.

Safety and innovation are our absolute priority, in order to satisfy our customers needs. We are committed to produce quality products. This is why we apply ISO rules to all stages of production.